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Jul 10, 2022

This is the first of 3 podcasts with Professor Willem Kuyken in which we discuss mental health in schools culminating in an episode about the Myriad Trial (My Resilience in Adolescence) which looked at the impact of a brief Mindfulness intervention on the wellbeing of young teens. In this episode we start with a broad discussion around mental health in young people, the role schools have in supporting mental health, why mental health and wellbeing interventions should be evidence based, what ‘evidence based’ actually means and, the challenges of delivering universal interventions.  We begin a discussion of school climate and how this may be central if we’re to take a fresh and evidence-based approach to mental health in schools.

Willem references Casel in our discussion - here is the link should you wish to find out more. Another couple of useful links are Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Centre and the EEF Toolkit