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Nov 1, 2023

In this episode Dr Brooke Macnamara shares details of her research about mindset.  Her research is a fascinating insight into the interventions around mindsets including growth mindset - a concept which I am sure you are familiar.  If you, like me, have read Carol Dweck’s work it is compelling, but can we really change mindset?  The concept itself is quite vague and is a belief or set of beliefs that then impact behaviour.  The challenge for research is to show that we can firstly change the belief (and only the belief) and this will ultimately result in improved academic ourcomes.  The interventions though rarely just focus on the beliefs as we shall hear.

You can find the Twitter/X thread here or search @BrookeMacnamara on X to find the thread which is pinned to her profile.

The paper we are discussing can be read via open source here: