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May 30, 2023

This week looks at a research paper into the Pomodoro Technique - breaking down revision into 25 minutes segments with 5 minute breaks.  Whilst many people use this we often don't consider why it is useful or what processes might support its use or not.  The use of system-regulated breaks may have several benefits over self-regulated breaks such as reducing secondary cognitive load, making students more motivated and more efficient but little research has been done on this. This paper is a starting point for this research.

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Original Paper: : Biwer, F., Wiradhany, W., oude Egbrink, M. G. A., & de Bruin, A. B. 
H. (2023). Understanding effort regulation: Comparing ‘Pomodoro’ breaks and self-regulated 
breaks. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 00, 1–15.